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woman with beaded bracelets folding tarot cards


A practitioner of energy, spiritual, and healing arts, Pam McDonel blends traditional and alternative modalities with her natural intuitive skills and gentle touch. She draws on EFT Tapping to shift and release blocked energy; Massage and Yomassage for relaxation and stress relief; Reiki and essential oils for balance and harmony. Pam is a published author. She has been featured in three different best-selling books on Amazon.

Complete Selfcare book

books from Wellness Universe 

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Happiness is that powerful expert toolkit you’ve been hoping for. You’ll find the authentic stories of our authors to inspire you, and then you’ll be blown away by the level of mastery with which they then teach you a practical tool for happiness. These are techniques for a positive mindset, balanced emotions, a healthy body, better-eating habits, better communication skills, and more!

books from Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2 is a Voices of Women project presented by Crave More Life Coaching & Consulting, founded by Dianna Leeder. This book follows volume one and cranks up the dial a notch with 25 women who aim to inspire, empower, and move their fellow women into action for living the best life possible.

You’ll find authentic, profoundly moving stories that give you life-changing perspectives and wisdom along with some new ideas about just what’s possible. Some first-time writers, and some pros get together in a magnificent collaboration of brave words and energy that will help you connect with your own superpowers.

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3: Powerful Healers, Spiritual Stories is the third book in Dianna Leeder’s Voices of Women project. Dianna has a mission to inspire, empower, and lift up women, specifically to find and use their voices as a means to live extraordinary lives.


In this third book, Leeder is joined by some of the world’s most passionate and dedicated healers who are coming out with their spiritual stories in an effort to normalize what most call “woo.”

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